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The City of McCall, Idaho Welcomes You!
Our goal is to provide you with helpful information about McCall's City government. If you need additional information, please visit us at City Hall, contact us by phone, email or postal mail. The Interim City Manager, Bessie Jo Wagner, has an Open Door session most Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

City of McCall's happenings, events and news are listed on McCallCitySource.com>

CAUTION: Payette Lake is not completely frozen. There is dangerously thin ice or open water in many areas. A number of people have fallen into the water. Please use caution near Payette Lake. WATCH Children and Pets Closely! Ice skating and walking on the ice at this time are not recommended and are unsafe.



McCall’s Local Government – Explained

McCall has what is called a council-manager form of city government.

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McCall Government Structure


McCall's Water Master Plan released and ready for public review.

The water master plan is a regulatory requirement by DEQ that should be completed or updated every 5 years. Our last update was in 2012  and our last formal plan was completed in 2008.

The 2017 Water Master Plan identifies the existing capacity and gives future year projections for growth over 10 to 20 years.  Nathan Stewart, Public Works Director, stated, "we are pleased to include a 10 year water system capital improvement plan within this document and specific dates for those improvement projects. This is something we've not done in the past."

Please review the document below and send comments to mcccallcitysource@gmail.com

Resort Tourism Local Option Tax

Up For Renewal


In May 2018, the Tourism LOT is up for renewal. Tell City Council what changes should be made as we move into the future?

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Transitioning Wastewater Service to
Payette Lakes Recreational Water and Sewer District

Learn about it>

Still have questions? Call 208-634-4111


The Fall and Winter McCall Parks and Recreation Guide is now available at City Hall, The McCall Public Library and McCall Parks and Recreation office.

View or download it online here>

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The Valley County CodeRED Emergency Notification System provides the public with the ability to receive voice, text, or email notifications generated by government and public safety officials.

For questions about the system or assistance in signing up, please call the Valley County Sheriff's Office information line at 208-382-7150.

Why are we Concerned about Radon in Valley County?

Radon is found in every county in Idaho. Across the state, 40% of homes test high for radon. In specific areas that percentage is much higher. Radon levels in homes can vary greatly depending on the type of construction and the geology of the location. For that reason, it is important that everyone test, even those who live in areas where radon levels are not expected to be high. [READ MORE]

McCall Area Trail

The City GIS Department has been working with our local community groups and the US Forest Service to produce high quality digital maps that can be downloaded to your mobile device and used to navigate some of the McCall Area trails.

These maps can be downloaded from Afvenzoar PDF maps either through the Apple App Store or from Google Play for Android. For more information, CLICK HERE to go to the GIS Page for full descriptions of the maps and how to instructions for downloading.

Learn what you can do to make McCall a bear smart community

Click here to learn more about the situation and what action you should take. If we all work together, everyone wins: the McCall's citizens and black bears.

City of McCall
216 E. Park Street
McCall, ID 83638

PHONE: 208-634-7142
FAX: 208-634-3038


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